Black Masked Emerald Toucanet (Aulachorynchus prasinus atrogularis) occurs on the eastern slope of the Andes from northern Peru south to central Bolivia. The Black masked is one of 14 subspecies of the Emerald, though it is one of several subspecies are under review for reclassification as a full species.

The Black Masked is very distinct from other Emeralds. The Culmen is slightly indented laterally along the sides much like a Groove Billed Toucanet. Instead of a rounded appearance, the sides of the culmen are flat. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Black Mask is the sharp and well defined black feathered area on the throat extending up to the sides of the bill just touching the lower part of the eyes. This black feathered area is highlighted by the very contrasting white band around the base of the mandible. The appearance is striking.

Black Masked Emerald Toucanets were first imported into the U.S. in 2008, when three birds arrived at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens. Since then three more birds came into the collection in 2009. We are now proud to announce that the first captive breeding of these beautiful birds in North America occurred in May 2010, when three babies were hatched at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens.

CITES status: Not listed