Channel Bill Toucan (Ramphastos vitellinus) is one of the smaller species of large black toucans, weighing in at approximately 350 grams, with a beak length of four to five inches. A native of northern South America, this species is found in Venezuela, Surinam, and Guyana, and very northern Brasil. With a black beak, it appears at first glance to be less colorful than some of the other species. However, its bright, two toned chest of orange and white mixed with the red breast make it an eye catching species.

The Channel Bill has been kept and bred by a number of zoos and private aviculturists. It is not quite as common today as it was five years ago and breeding efforts have not been conducted with the same degree of effort as with other species. It is a very intelligent species and easily maintained. It has the same pet qualities as the others.

First captive breedings: World – August 17, 1986; John Robertshaw/USA June 29, 1987; Rod Barth.
CITES status: Appendix II.