Ivory Bill Aracari (Pteroglossus azara) is one of the smallest members of the family Ramphastidae with an average weight of 150 grams. It is a wide ranging species found in the lowlands of southern Venezuela and northern Brasil at elevations of 300 meters and west into the lower elevations of the Andes to 1,200 meters from Colombia south through Ecuador and Peru to Bolivia and eastward into western and central Brasil.

The Ivory Bill consists of three subspecies (P. a. azara, P. a. flavirostris, P. a. mariae), of which P.a. mariae is depicted here. The Ivory Bill is one of the few dimorphic species of toucans. The males have a black crown, whereas the females have a brown crown. They are otherwise identical except males tend to have longer beaks.

Ivory Bills are relatively new to aviculture. They first arrived at Emerald Forest Bird Gardens at the end of 2004, and where they have been successfully bred ever since.

Ivory Bills are very affectionate, playful and comical birds that make wonderful pets. They are very quiet birds, so there is no noise to worry about and are even suitable for apartment living, where one needs to be considerate of their neighbors. Indeed, they are one of he best of all the toucans to be kept as pets and they are reasonably priced.

CITES status: Not listed