Lettered Aracari (Pteroglossus inscriptus) inhabits low land rainforest east of the Andes from south eastern Colombia through eastern Ecuador and Peru to northern Bolivia and eastward through Brasil south of the Amazon nearly to the Atlantic coast. Lettered Aracaris are divided into two subspecies. Pteroglossus inscriptus inscriptus occupies the eastern portion of the range of eastern Brasil south to eastern Bolivia. Pteroglossus. i. humboldti occupies the western portion of the range from southeastern Colombia through Ecuador and Peru to western Bolivia.

The Lettered Aracari is similar to the Green Aracari, but slightly larger. It also has a buff colored area on the lower abdomen, which is lacking in the Green. Like the Green Aracari, the Lettered Aracari is dimorphic. The male’s head, cheeks and throat are entirely black, whereas the female’s crown is black, but the cheeks, and throat are chestnut brown. In the Green Aracari, the female’s entire head is chestnut brown.

Lettered Aracaris are very common in Peru and are kept and bred there in captivity. They are very active in an aviary and easily maintained.

Lettered Aracaris have just become available in the USA, though they are still extremely rare. Emerald Forest Bird Gardens acquired a pair in 2008 is proud to announce their first captive breeding in North America, with two young hatched here in May 2010

CITES status: Not listed