Swainson’s aka the Chestnut Mandible Toucan (Ramphastos Swainsonii) is the second largest of the toucans, weighing in at 600 grams, with a beak length reaching eight inches. The Swainson’s toucan is a native of Central America ranging from southern Honduras south to northern Colombia, where it is fairly common in the wild. Visitors to Costa Rica will readily encounter this bird, which is known to frequent areas inhabited by man. This species has been observed in the trees above the streets of Golfito, nestled on the southwestern coast of Costa Rica, where the rainforest literally reaches the edge of town. Listen to the Swainson’s Toucan.

Swainson’ s toucans are fairly common in captivity, and make excellent display birds for zoos, and intelligent, playful pet or aviary birds. They are relatively easy to breed, very hardy, and easy to manage.

Swainson’s Toucans are second only to Tocos in their calm nature and easy manner. Their great intelligence lends them to easy training and they may be taught a variety of tricks including playing catch, mid air somersaults, and free flying Swainson’s can be potty trained to only go in their cage. They love to play with toys and will entertain you for hours with their antics. They are very affectionate and will cuddle in your lap, making a soft purring sound as they are petted.

Swainson’s are long lived toucans living to 25 years or more, when properly cared for. Their diet is the most important aspect of care, and if diet instructions on our care sheet are followed, you will enjoy your bird for a very long time.

First captive breeding May 22, 1990; Jerry Jennings.
CITES status: not listed.