The Toucan Nursery

Where Babies are Raised

The combination of spacious enclosures, quality diets, and professional care results in the rearing of a large number of healthy baby birds. Toucans are usually parent reared, unless a special order for a hand fed baby is received. Whether hand reared or parent reared, all babies are guaranteed healthy and in good feather.

Our birds are hand raised by several different individuals of both sexes, to ensure they are properly socialized. Birds that are raised only by a single individual can develop a personality trait wherein they only like people of the same sex as their infant caregiver. In order to properly socialize a bird to fit into the entire family, we have several people both male and female raising and socializing our babies.

Emerald Forest Bird Gardens maintains a dedicated nursery, where all our birds receive quality, tender loving care. Nursery staff members are required to have a degree in biology and all are well trained in the art and science of baby bird care.

Each baby is hand-reared and well socialized, to provide you with the best baby possible. Each bird is treated as an individual with its own personality, which shines through as it should in a quality, loving baby bird.

Our birds are raised on the Mazuri Handfeeding Formula for baby birds. Various strained baby fruits such as apples with bananas or blueberries with apples is added to the formula for hand rearing of the toucans. All babies are abundance weaned at their own pace when they are ready.

Emerald Forest produces the healthiest birds and our staff veterinarian, Dr. Kris Kuchinski, checks all our babies. Dr. Kuchinski sexes our birds and issues health certificates on request. All babies are guaranteed free of any disease and in the best of health and condition.

Emerald Forest does not ship unweaned baby birds. People wishing to finish the hand feeding process must pick up their unweaned babies in person at the farm.

Every toucan is raised with the best care by trained staff. They are on a very tedious diet to ensure the best health and growth. You are guaranteed a healthy and happy bird from our nursery!